About Us



Our Mission is to simplify the application of low-cost Zero Emission clean energy storage and to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

Energy Storage Pty Ltd is an Australian Company driven by Zero Emission Clean Energy Thermal Technologies. We overcome real-world problems for industry today – focused on value and the global transition to clean, affordable energy – to help tackle climate change and air pollution.

In so doing our mission is to deliver highly predictable long term annuity revenue streams through the provision of our IP protected zero emission turn-key clean energy power generation and energy storage solutions.

We partner with leading organisations – to deliver onsite solutions both for Commerce & Industry as well as renewable energy companies and utilities.




ES has joined as “Partner Organisation” with both Monash University & Deakin University and has been awarded a grant under a Linkage Project by the Australian Research Council with the objectives of

    • Developing new phase change materials by advancing the technology of thermal energy storage for the intermediate temperature range (100-200°C) needed for storage of renewable energy harvested from solar and wind.
    • Further broadening the scope of useful PCMs with a particular emphasis on material costs.
    • Demonstrating the technology in its various modes, including as a means of storing excess electrical energy from renewables, for ultimate dispatch as either thermal or electrical supply.
    • Developing detailed techno-economic analyses of the technology operating in its various modes in climatic conditions relevant to major world-wide markets.

The project is well underway and our first Champion PCM is under cycle testing.




Power Generation IP and equipment has been developed through our partner, g-TET – an Australian, privately owned technology-based business specialising in developing and implementing thermal energy management solutions for business that are optimised for performance and economics. The ORC Rankine Turbine produces clean zero emission power from waste heat generated by industrial processes.