Power Generation


Our TORC system can utilise low temperature waste heat from the C&I Sector onsite that would otherwise be lost, and convert it into clean green power electricity for the C&I Off-taker at extremely low cost = the fuel is free (in some cases, 50% of C&I power consumption is lost to waste heat – ARENA 2019).

Our TORC systems are closed loop filled with an organic working fluid. The system is powered by the heating and cooling of the fluid inside the system. As opposed to water, the working liquid inside the system has a much lower boiling temperature, which makes the system viable and efficient in situations, where similar water powered systems are not. Heat generated by commercial and industrial infrastructure turns the working fluid in the system into a gas. The gas circulates the system and powers a turbine, which generates electricity. The TORC’s system offers energy conservation by turning otherwise wasted heat back into usable energy – clean electricity.

“Capturing low-temperature waste heat”



  1. A non-toxic organic catalyst “Working Fluid” in a sealed [closed loop] system, captures waste heat from an industrial customer’s (C&I) operation
  2. The Waste Heat “superheats” the Working Fluid to a gas
  3. The Gas drives a turbine that generates electricity to be used again by the C&I
  4. The Working Fluid Cools and condenses back into its liquid form
  5. The Working Fluid is pumped back into the evaporator of the ORC repeating the process on a sustainable base load basis constantly as the C&I operates

“Recycling into clean electricity at low cost – onsite”